Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hows about a lil' nostalgia anyone?

Seriously...what do I do that does not involve it? It's strange how we can have a connection to things that we have no cultural relation to. I never lived in the Victorian era or Europe, did you?? Why do I love it, why am I inspired by the horrors of it, not just the ruffly beauty? Maybe my past life? Who knows!
I will say that when I was small in school, our teacher introduced us to Lenore by Edgar Allen Poe and it put a chill in me. I couldn't have been more than nine...maybe ten, and this story, poem, took me to a dark, mysterious place that shocked me, yet inspired me to continue. I don't know what it is other than the genuine sentiment of Poe, his utter darkness, that translated to me so strong. I actually could feel the temptation of being somewhere that I likely shouldn't, that I wasn't supposed to. It was amazing, I was there in the house...or was it the Raven?? lol. Where was the first dark place you went?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blogging, Patti Wilson and VOGUE....

Ya'know...really need to get with it...I've been one of those that kind of was a non-believer when it came to blogs...i mean c'mon blogs are not hard to come by, saturation of fashion blogs and "look what my kid can do" blogs...and political blogs, they're just everywhere from everyone. I started this blog because sometimes I come across cool things I wanna share...and I'd like to say I make cool things I wanna share...and this past week I realized that I'd better get with the blog program and submit to its mystical power.

I was cleaning my toilet the other day...seriously, when a request for some items came in from non other than stylist extraordinare, Patti Wilson. The email from her Enterprise read "Patti Wilson, a stylist here in New York"...and out loud I was like "like I didn't know THE Patti Wilson!" The picture above in the blog post is one that I had blogged of in my first attempt @ blogging that was styled by Patti! It's one of my favorite fashion photos in the wonderous world...
So, it gets better, the pics that John, one of stylist on the team and her had seen were my Militaria brooches, that I only ever showed through the BLOG...
Now what were they pulling them for? A shoot styled by Miss Patti for VOGUE Italia shot by non other than Emma Summerton!!! Trust when I tell you, you've seen Emma Summerton's photography before if you're into fashion, wiki her and links come up to her ridiculously beautiful work. Let's hope they get used, huh? You know how it goes!

I raise my glass...of sparkling water to Patti for supporting indie, handmade, local NYC (homegrown at that) designer and artist like me, it means a hella lot.