Sunday, January 31, 2010

la petit chose.

some little treasures make there way to the shop just in time for Valentine's Day...My little collection of vintage charms salvaged from a New England warehouse on simple gold filled chains were a HIT during the holidays. People adored these simple, yet unique pieces and layered up with them or wore them single. The tiny skeleton key is really something, what's great is that on the gold filled chain the gunmetal patinated charm pops, as does the tiny copper padlock. Practical price of $20 for the key alone, $23 for the combo. Also wholesale available for my beautiful boutique buyers.

Friday, January 29, 2010


i am really excited about some new pocket mirror images that my favorite graphics designer (and fellow jeweler) Leila Marvel of The Red Heart Chronicles is creating for me. Just to give a lil' tasty is one and i will admit it is the simpler one. she happens to be a seriously amazing designer and artist.
i have only trusted her with my graphics since i discovered that she wasn't only a jewelry crafter bud a by-trade graphics person. she is also responsable for my awesome banners. check her out here!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A vintage tarot card sits above my work desk these past four weeks and wants to dance with me. The Chariot...I am a lover of all things Egyptian, and this card is all things Egyptian+Circus+Symbols, and I love it. My aunt on my mother's side (one of my grandmother's eleven children) is a clairvoyant tarot reader, and I will say this, she was the one person that believed EVERYTHING that nobody else believed when I was a child. All the mysteries of my youth she accepted with a smile. My grandmother on my father's side was also able to do things, she read fortunes of everyone in the room from there small cups of Turkish coffee. In most Middle-Eastern cultures, when you're done with the post-dinner coffee, you flip it over and it reveals a depiction or text then read by the special lady in the house. Ancient, ancient practices that humanity has meshed into the contemporary state of their cultures..quite amazing how inspiration molds who we are.

A little reminder: Sunday Love in Williamsburg, that happens to carry THoF jewelry, was once a Fortune Teller's home and work place on the gritty Grand Avenue...stop on in NYCers and go through a warp, a mirror pool so to speak:
Sunday Love
624 Grand Street

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better Than Jam Handmade Co-op Comes to Brooklyn!

Boutique Fashion Hits Bushwick
Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op brings local indie design to a deserving neighborhood. February 1, 2010

Bushwick, Brooklyn - Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op opens its doors on February 1, 2010. Located at 1095 Flushing Ave, the Co-Op is soon to be neighbors with 20 other diverse businesses that will inhabit the "Markets at the Loom," providing a varied destination for local shoppers to shop and browse.

“We hope to provide a unique shopping experience to the residents of Bushwick and the handmade community at large,” said designer Karin Persan, who owns the Better Than Jam Co-Op.

The Co-Op will bring to the forefront a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories, created by some of NYC's most talented designers. All items at the Co-Op will be 100% handmade. Better Than Jam will also host shopping and launch events, parties and workshops open to it’s designers and the local public, to grow the already hugely artistic and creative community.

" Our goal is to showcase local designers whose work is handmade and high quality, at a fair price," Persan continued.

WHERE: 1095 Flushing Ave , Brooklyn NY 11237

WHEN: Opening: February 1 Grand opening reception: Friday February 5th 7-10pm

CONTACT: Karin Persan (631) 377-2500

Come mingle with the designers and receive complimentary drinks , 10% selected designers, and free tote bag with purchase, compliments of The {NewNew} Etsy street team.

Owner Karin Persan of Better Than Jam (

Sample of designers (full list at website above)

Handbags- SML Bags (

Jewelry- The Hand of Fatima (

Fashion- Joann Berman (

Monday, January 18, 2010

Something Blue

I feel blue...particularly because of our human family suffering in Haiti. I really am without expression. When I was about 20, and had been out on my own for some years already, a beautiful Hatian family took me into their family. Even if I never met a Hatian, I would mourn this situation, but it's particularly hurtful because I understand the intense love and giving that comes from the Hatian community, please find it in your heart to donate in any way you see fit to the Hatian cause. Many artists are selling art that proceeds will go to Haiti. In a few days I will have a link for you to buy handmade all natural shea butter lip balm created for this cause.

As for another something blue...I listed this in the shop tonight...

I also took some photos of new apothecary I have worked on and some new curios of mine...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten

...or twenty ten? you be the "decider".
one day when you write a memoir nostalgically, you'll call it out in full, but maybe i will go with twenty ten for now!

i want to wish all of you love, freedom, joy and health this new year, but i wish it for you and those i love everyday. be good to yourself, and be good to your human family. i want to grow seeds that i planted in 2009 this year, i really do. i feel like this is my year to shine...for all of us in our different movements and projects.

so, i have two shows booked for february and i will post them as soon as i just confirm travel plans for one.

all my love!