Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A vintage tarot card sits above my work desk these past four weeks and wants to dance with me. The Chariot...I am a lover of all things Egyptian, and this card is all things Egyptian+Circus+Symbols, and I love it. My aunt on my mother's side (one of my grandmother's eleven children) is a clairvoyant tarot reader, and I will say this, she was the one person that believed EVERYTHING that nobody else believed when I was a child. All the mysteries of my youth she accepted with a smile. My grandmother on my father's side was also able to do things, she read fortunes of everyone in the room from there small cups of Turkish coffee. In most Middle-Eastern cultures, when you're done with the post-dinner coffee, you flip it over and it reveals a depiction or text then read by the special lady in the house. Ancient, ancient practices that humanity has meshed into the contemporary state of their cultures..quite amazing how inspiration molds who we are.

A little reminder: Sunday Love in Williamsburg, that happens to carry THoF jewelry, was once a Fortune Teller's home and work place on the gritty Grand Avenue...stop on in NYCers and go through a warp, a mirror pool so to speak:
Sunday Love
624 Grand Street

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