Friday, September 18, 2009

San Francisco Fog

In July we were so awesomely able to participate in the Renegade SF craft show. Boy was it first time in Cali and I never expected to freeze. I knew San Fran would be cool, but wow, it was beyond that!!
Basically to sum it up, the Renegade show was great, San Fran has it's own very, very, very laid back vibe, and great progressive politics. My favorite thing out there was the friendliness of the people...wonderful people, and some crazies, but NYC is chock full of crazies too, however this was a different brand-o-crazy...

It is so all good!! Can't wait to go can now find The Hand of Fatima @ Picnic on Polk Ave. in addition to Bettina in San Fran. Woot!! Here are some pics of the most awesome murals, and some other reminders of the foggy Bay city of legend!
The lovable, Harvey Milk, whose Castro Camera is now a modern shop with several low brow art pieces and handmade goods.

This was in the Castro, and so appropriate that it almost hurts...awesome.
And now some stuff from the Mission. I am a looooong time street art enthusiast and these allies of graffix are up to par in my book.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I have a new's true, I am collecting old bottles, weird things that freak out my husband...and everyone else I know for that matter. I initially just wanted a few poison bottles for my display in London, because I needed something light to evolved into about 30 old clear and amber bottles. I am going to do a little line of amulet-style home goods for the other nostalgic art lovers like myself.

I will admit that the trip to London's Welcome Museum is one of my newest muses. When my PC is fixed I will have pictures up of this amazingly freakish exhibit I saw and the Medicine Man one as well. For now, I'll torture your eyes with my phone camera pics!

*I bought that little Phrenology head at the center in Notting Hill, where Taylor Swift was being nearly attacked by the paparazzi...oh, and Phrenology is a sucky theory, but I like the head.

Morning Momento Mori...

Talk about creepy inspiration; I live across from...well here's what I have in my profile to sum it up: "All my work is created in a loving environment across from one of the oldest, historic, Victorian cemeteries in the city, that was founded as a result of overcrowding dead bodies in the downtown burial grounds from typhoid, cholera and smallpox..."

Now in the mornings I walk with my friend, but because we part ways at 8:15, I continue on alone, and like a curious child I find my way into this grand cemetery and power walk as much as I can until an oddity catches my eye and I break to read the grave or mausoleum and take a pic.

This cemetery is old...and it's amazing to see that in particular times of American cultures, and so many others, how people have valued death, almost as equally to life. We look at Egyptians and their dedications and grandiose monument to death and the after life, the gold, the servants...we look at the Victorian burial of those with wealth and the value of having a "proper" plot to lay in. It's all very mysterious.

Today as I walked, with an eerie morning gloom, a swift autumn breeze and an open eye, I was enamored with the architecture and protection of these people's death. I also was thinking about my own mortality and remembrance. My beloved grandmother, would always say in Farsi "don't build me a martyr's shrine when I am gone." I have to say that I think I agree with that sentiment for myself, however at the same time when she left this world, I wrote poems and stories, I drew and painted, I honored her with shrines of Baba (my grandfather, Baba simply means Daddy) honored her with landscape and maintained a beautiful, creative garden of her most favorite flowers, my aunt Sholeh, began to go back to her roots as an interior designer and created a new living space with Mama's inspiration and memory in every touch...we all choose our shrines I suppose.

Anyway, check out these graves of earns, half draped with a cloth or curtain, help me find out what they represent...there are tens of these scattered through out the cemetery and you can even see in this photo two others behind it.
Then there was this awesome, most primitive grave I saw, simply a tree stump painted (?) and afixed into a cross...

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been a long, long time.

Wow, I have disappeared, huh? I am known for this. I must admit that while I dream of consistency, i don't know if I am meant for it...or is it that my way is just the right consistency for me? I don't know.
Since the last time I've wrote I traveled to San Francisco for the Renegade show and to London for the BUST Magazine Craftacular...utterly amazing places, amazing shows, artists and feeling. I have to say that London was the highlight of the summer for me though. I have so many stories and pictures for you, but when I returned from London two weeks ago we completely re-arranged our apartment and we've been fung shui-ing ever since. So until the next post where I will have all the pics and fun stuff for you....I have a favor to ask. Might you vote for me?

We will be @ a great show in D.C. called Crafty Bastards, I started this blog right after last year's one, and it's an amazing show. Basically this year I have a shot at winning free advertising AND a gift from Urban Outfitters. Whoever votes for me, please email me @, and you will be entered to win a $50 gift card from Urban Outfitters if I win!!

Here is the link to vote for me, much love!!!