Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I have a new's true, I am collecting old bottles, weird things that freak out my husband...and everyone else I know for that matter. I initially just wanted a few poison bottles for my display in London, because I needed something light to evolved into about 30 old clear and amber bottles. I am going to do a little line of amulet-style home goods for the other nostalgic art lovers like myself.

I will admit that the trip to London's Welcome Museum is one of my newest muses. When my PC is fixed I will have pictures up of this amazingly freakish exhibit I saw and the Medicine Man one as well. For now, I'll torture your eyes with my phone camera pics!

*I bought that little Phrenology head at the center in Notting Hill, where Taylor Swift was being nearly attacked by the paparazzi...oh, and Phrenology is a sucky theory, but I like the head.

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