Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been a long, long time.

Wow, I have disappeared, huh? I am known for this. I must admit that while I dream of consistency, i don't know if I am meant for it...or is it that my way is just the right consistency for me? I don't know.
Since the last time I've wrote I traveled to San Francisco for the Renegade show and to London for the BUST Magazine Craftacular...utterly amazing places, amazing shows, artists and feeling. I have to say that London was the highlight of the summer for me though. I have so many stories and pictures for you, but when I returned from London two weeks ago we completely re-arranged our apartment and we've been fung shui-ing ever since. So until the next post where I will have all the pics and fun stuff for you....I have a favor to ask. Might you vote for me?

We will be @ a great show in D.C. called Crafty Bastards, I started this blog right after last year's one, and it's an amazing show. Basically this year I have a shot at winning free advertising AND a gift from Urban Outfitters. Whoever votes for me, please email me @, and you will be entered to win a $50 gift card from Urban Outfitters if I win!!

Here is the link to vote for me, much love!!!


Michelle.Renee.Art said...

Ok~ I voted for you and I hope you win!!

Hey, I saw that our boudoir children are now living together :D


The Hand Of Fatima Design said...

michelle!! miss you much. where did you see our boudoirs together???
thanks so much for the vote.

KimmChi said...

It has been a loooong time!! I just voted!!!

Leila Marvel said...

I voted, nice to see you back into the swing of things.

The Hand Of Fatima Design said...

thank you so much my loves. leila, i still need to come to philly and you, jess and i need to atique. also, kimmy, can't wait to see you!

Yin Yee said...

Just voted for you Mar! I hope you win! And welcome back :-)