Friday, September 18, 2009

San Francisco Fog

In July we were so awesomely able to participate in the Renegade SF craft show. Boy was it first time in Cali and I never expected to freeze. I knew San Fran would be cool, but wow, it was beyond that!!
Basically to sum it up, the Renegade show was great, San Fran has it's own very, very, very laid back vibe, and great progressive politics. My favorite thing out there was the friendliness of the people...wonderful people, and some crazies, but NYC is chock full of crazies too, however this was a different brand-o-crazy...

It is so all good!! Can't wait to go can now find The Hand of Fatima @ Picnic on Polk Ave. in addition to Bettina in San Fran. Woot!! Here are some pics of the most awesome murals, and some other reminders of the foggy Bay city of legend!
The lovable, Harvey Milk, whose Castro Camera is now a modern shop with several low brow art pieces and handmade goods.

This was in the Castro, and so appropriate that it almost hurts...awesome.
And now some stuff from the Mission. I am a looooong time street art enthusiast and these allies of graffix are up to par in my book.


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