Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks to Sotheby's and Saks 5th Ave from me!

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you...
Weeks ago I was contacted by the wonderful Amy K. of Sotheby's here in NYC. We had met at a craft show I participated in here in NY, and she contacted me because she was curating a benefit. The wonderful benefit was for an organization called City At Peace. Have a look at this amazing city youth development through the arts happening in our beautiful New York.
I donated a lovely necklace, with a vintage verdigris patinated leaf stamping and chandelier crystal dangling below. I will have a pic soon, I hope it raised some nice money for this amazing organization.

On another note, I will be at Renegade BK with the Better Than Jam Co-Op, and Renegade Los Angeles with my girl Miniature Rhino and new friend Monkeys Always Look.
Dooooope! I have never been to LA, but I am soooo excited. I have fam all over that city, finally I can hang Cali style with them :0)

Just wanted to share something I see more and more as I drive on the FDR. It's so strange, how you can pass something by all your life, but never really see it. Seeing and looking are such different things, my artists out there will agree. On Roosevelt Island there is an abandoned structure decaying. In a city of constant stimulation, over development and motion, this structure is just there, untouched, unshaken. I researched and found that it's an abandoned smallpox hospital built in 1854 when Roosevelt Island was still Blackwell's Island. It has a name- "Renwick Hospital".
I want to go peek around. I want to know what keeps it decaying and alive there, untouched. I found that it is built in gothic revival style and blah blah blah, but I want to know more than that. What ghosts are trapped in the sliced stone walls...hmmm...
photos courtesy of NY Times