Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I worked on an addition to my display this morning for a bit. I basically grabbed some ephemera I had laying around, an old suitcase I overpaid for, and made up this box.

What's strange is that that picture of the Victorian house, would not allow me to take a focused shot...it's a very ghostly picture to begin with...but it gave me chills.

Furthermore, in a new box of old photos I bought, there was another ghost, a man posing like a character from Gangs Of New York...the picture is marked by and, Feb. 1883 and was taken on Fifth Avenue and 22cnd. street, or at least developed there maybe? Another one that I could not focus the camera on.
I know to some...clearly the person I bought this from, this is all just junk, but I can't help but become overwhelmed with holding a piece of someone's life, and history in my hand.


Leila Marvel said...

What lovely curiosities, I'm enchanted by that spooky house.

Blood Milk said...

it was really lovely to meet you to lady and i thank you for my incredible gifts! i hope to see you next time you come to philly, i'm obsessed with the divine lorraine myself!
as for true blood, have you read all the books yet?

catbird said...

oh wow - amazing!

your blog is great.

i am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you - thanks so much for the awesome earrings!!

xo rony

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

These are so stunning! x

SSC said...

I've owned three antique stores, and the energy that survives on many items from the past can be a little unsettling.

Your experience with the photos was very interesting, thanks for sharing.