Friday, May 15, 2009

Patron Saints No.2

"no necesito drogas, soy drogas"

This is the kind of guy I would like to hang out with, but would also be afraid to. It's very hard to make me shy, now this man, would certainly be able to. When I was about twenty I read his autobiography...did you know he once attacked a woman friend at the beach for admiring his feet?? He said that she had nerve to look at him like that, and he needed to retaliate because he became Gala (his wife), and she was jealous...

I don't think that in any blog post I could really ever sum up what Dali did for me in my life as an artist. He certainly inspired me to go into another dimension and live. His theory and work also inspired me to dare and go into corner pockets of myself to find the dark and the light and expose it. It's very hard for me to explain.
When I took a trip to Paris to stay with my aunt, I had the divine luck to go to his Montmarte home that had been converted into a museum, Espace Dali on 11, rue Poulbot. Can you imagine, being just blocks from Moulin Rogue at that! Montmarte is truly magical.

I think that I slipped out of reality and into Dali's reality or illusion for that matter. I felt like I was experiencing something out of body. Time melted just like the clocks in his his paintings. I don't really remember any other people there except for a trail of school children and my aunt Sholeh...which all contributed to the surreality. I wish I could find my photos from then, but even if I never do, the day is imprinted on my


Yin Yee said...

Dali is genius! I love love love his designs!!!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

That top one is x