Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love fall.
Fall brings many good memories to my being. A good New York fall that is brisk and crispy always tingles the senses in an awakening way. Fall is when my husband and I reached a very deep point in love before we were married, fall was when we first found out we would be parents, it was then the season that I learned the logistics of being a mother, and in general, I have so much childhood nostalgia of fall. I happen to ADORE Halloween, and I am dying to go to Mexico for Dia De Los Muertos. This fall I will be trying to deal with the crazy weather global warming has introduced to my my mother earth as well, but I will really be in love with those brisk and crispy days because they are a treasure for certain!
I have so many new designs that I need to upload into the Etsy shop the problem is, now that the sun disappears so early I never make it in time to snap pictures. I know that it's possible to make a light box, but I really love the quality of natural light in my photos. I am no stellar photographer to begin with, so I need all the enhancement I can get.
I did a ridiculously exciting craft shoe in Washington DC called Crafty Bastards on September was just fabulous. The bad thing is...I designed a TON of new material and did not photograph it and now all the one of a kinds are out in the world with their rightful owners, but all I have is a memory...To any of the wonderful people I met in DC, if you have a picture of you in you The Hand Of Fatima wares, please feel free to send them this way!

Here is a design of a newbie in the shop...and a little picture of Amir playing in the leaves..I hope he too has good memories of this season when he's older.

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