Monday, March 9, 2009

All Things Considered

All things, not Melissa Block and Michelle Norris, my life!
Wow, so alot is going many political things in my other job, and in my first job as mother...some exciting new developments, Rami, at 10 and a half months walked!!! They want to make me work...hard.

So, spring is here, I have many a new additions to the line, and I have a secret stash that will be going up on my website by May 2009.

I've been focusing on a face lift of sorts, I am in the works for a new logo, a really exciting old piece of leather miniature from a special country came into my possession, and inspired me.

Also, the "mens" line, well what I meant to say was a line, marketed more towards men, but truly a, his, hers and them line. I am a feminist, so if I make something, it for a man, best believe it will also suit a pun intended. (suit...)

A new addition of head pieces will make there way to the website,
Also, I have finally used those bones I've had. The line "Voodoo" is a take on the ever lasting drive for man/womankind to use other species for inspiration and mystical representation, along with the seedy diaspora of voodoo...sprinkle some mourning jewelery from the Victorian era, and voila!

I am sorry to all my vegans out there, but believe that these animals came from a professional taxidermist and were not killed for the bones, they were already dead, found or donated by an animal hospital.

I must say my vending over the holidays brought me in contact with some great new customers who offered great feedback. Many requested bones, and so many dudes were intrigued, which was a grand compliment.

Back to work!

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I love that new piece - absolutely stunning! x