Monday, November 15, 2010

PERFORMA-The Red Party 11-5-2010

I sometimes forget to mention that I work for one of my dearest friends, and mentor Kyle Goen. Kyle is a fine artist who works out of his DUMBO studio in Brooklyn. I serve as his loyal assistant and get to learn his process while taking on tasks of management and we design certain projects together, it's a joy in my life seriously.

Most recently, one of the bigger projects Kyle was commissioned to work on was the designing and creation of the Performa Arts benefit named "The Red Party". PERFORMA is an institution founded by the amazing RoseLee Goldberg. It was hosted by Allen Cumming and honoured renowned visual artist and filmaker, Shirin Neshat. The party theme was Russian Constructivism, and Kyle based the work off of that period of time and style.

Kyle felt quite inspired to create a gift for Shirin herself...and in the Kyle Goen fashion, this took form in a five foot portrait which he hand-painted from a projected image he had recreated in halftones. On the day of the party we set up the instillations from 9am until 5pm, the banners, the canvas, the hundreds of hand-screened flags and finally the portrait. It wound up looking amazing.New York Times focused on, unfortunately not taking a single Anne Hathaway and Cindy Sherman were in the house showing support, and that is basically what the press from photo of the actual party....but the party was so fun, I was all pregnant in my red dress rocking out to Chica Vas who stole the show!
Marcus Hicks of SDN (Sara Dixon's Nova) Eco-Clothing Line

Alaina Simone curator at Damon Dash's DD172 gallery in Tribeca

Photo of Anne Hathaway and RoseLee Goldberg taken by: Amber DeVoss
Photo of Alaina Simone of The Dash Gallery taken by: Geraldine Visco

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