Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life's Circus

Antique cabinet photo from victorian age Gustavo Arcaris and Kate ...Knife Throwing in their circus act.

I don't know which direction things are going...as an artist I am in a pickle. I am trying to push through to the next level...how? I need marketing and blah and blah and blah. I feel circus-ish these days. When I was in London I got violently ill, I was hospitalized for three days, I was there told I needed emergency stomach surgery. I opted to return home to be near my boys for the surgery with my own doctors. The issue was that when the hospital gave me paperwork they told me to show American Airlines so I wouldn't be charged a fee for missing my plane...well instead they wouldn't let me board. I had to buy a completely new ticket on Virgin. It was a mess...a circus indeed.
I arrived back in the states where my husband picked me up from Newark and drove me straight to Columbia Presbyterian where I eventually had the operation. Through it all, I worried most about the little baby in my womb. In the end it all turned out fine...isn't that something? Fine. Whatever spirit guides us; science, greater being...whatever, the revolving door of the up and down cycle of life is guaranteed and the gift of having things be okay is a blessing of whatever proportion you make it. I wonder how circus performers felt about their "next level".
"Sideshow-freak" photograph by Edward Kelty. c.1920

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Leila Marvel said...

Well said, I feel that way too sometimes, especially about art. I'm glad everything turned out ok and congrats on the little babe inside. ;)