Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When All Else Is Fuckery...

...buy some stuff you've had an eye on to cheer you...right? Even if your funds are low from disastrous business decisions, or the holidaze...or fuckonomy, you can find a way...right? How worse can it be, right? In Dali's autobiography he said that when he and Gala were at their broke ass-est they would still tip the most and return to their Montmartre apartment that they could barely afford...
So here's what I snagged thus far:

You know that postcard is awesome!! Nothing like some creep sneaking up on you watching you sleep on a hammock to give you "Sweet Dreams".

This little lovely is one of my favorites to collect, an antique "calling card" lithograph or "die-cut". This one has a poem that reads; "Of all that is near, thou are the nearest. Of all that is dear, thou art the dearest."

This is an antique photo of a faceless dude and a horse...I effing love this! It's as if he is death or something coming to take the horse...or his pay? It reminds me of the guy who played the devil in Dr. Parnassus. It gives me the inspiration to create assemblage art again.These are some dope vintage horse medals or "ornaments for the harness of cart-horses were first made in the late 18th century; they became very popular in the 1850s, replacing an older style of adornment with ribbons, woolen fringes, and tooled leather. In some areas brasses were still in normal use in the 1920s, and can still be seen at horse-shows and parades." This is a little French lovely from the olden golden days, porcelain and I cannot wait to get my hands on it...and all my purchases as soon as possible.

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