Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Complexity of All Things Persian

Whether it's the art or the food or damn it, the people, all things Iranian/Persian are complex. Especially the traditional miniature art. The detailing is insane, meticulous, designed completely to please and captivate and appear elite. These are three of my favorite examples. The Qajar era of design was during a social time of contradiction and sloth. The kings of that dynasty reveled in riches, harems, sexual exploration, erotica and still imposed on the people, a strict interpretation of Islam in the form of rule while they partied till dawn. The painting of the sexually ambiguous being on the cushion with the tea is actually a man in drag...I love that one, it's curated I believe in London now, not 100% sure though. My beautiful graphic designer and fellow jeweler Leila Marvel took that image and the first and recreated for me some awesome The Hand of Fatima Design art prints last year. I will have to share them.
If your in NYC, a great place to go and see some of the Persian bests is The Asia Society.

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