Monday, January 31, 2011

viva la revolucion

here's to egypt, and since my blog allegedly specializes in all things arts, handmade, eco fashion, fashion, nostalgia and living...but i want to take all that i feel at this moment for the people of egypt and relate it to what i just described. egypt is art. art is inspiration. love is a revolution...and you can't help but combine all that into Oum Kalthoum. she is the diva and queen of arabic language music til this day, this songbird from the mediterranean nile delta. at 12 years old, her father disguised her as a young boy and entered her in a small performing troupe that he directed. here is to her, the star of the east, and her song that remains the soundtrack to egyptian hearts.
From her song "Al Atlal (The Ruins)
"...My darling, I visited your nest one day as a bird of desire singing my pain
You've become self-important, spoiled and capricious
And you inflict harm like a powerful tyrant
And my longing for you cauterized my ribs (soul or insides)
And the waiting was like embers in my blood
Give me my freedom, release my hands
Indeed, I've given you yours and did not try to retain anything

Ah, your chains have bloodied my wrists
I haven't kept then nor have they spared me
Why do I keep promises that you do not honor?
When will this captivity end, when the world is before us?
He is far away, my enchanting love
Full of pride, majesty and delicacy"

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Pillows for the People said...

Damn those lyrics are deep!
and I LOVE that house, I want to live there!
xo p

p.s. my captcha word is "Aminer"