Monday, January 24, 2011


Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Rafael, Ramiel?? Any El?
"NEW ZEALAND – Archeologists at an excavation site in Dunedin, New Zealand, discovered the fossilized remains of winged humans!

The discovery was made yesterday morning when Dr. Herman Meyer of Massey University uncovered the fossilized bones of a human male with bird-like wings.

Further digging by Dr. Meyer and his team yielded even more astonishing discoveries. After the 30 day excavation, which concluded on Saturday, over 250 winged creatures had been found.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Dr. Meyer. “One after another these fossils kept appearing out of the dirt. It led me to think that an entire civilization of winged humans once lived here!”"

They say it's so...imagine if it is, so does that mean angels still live among us, only wingless?
That's Ahura Persians have been swearing humans have wings since at least 440 BCE...c'mon.

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